Places to visit on Lake Garda

Holidays on Lake Garda

Villa Caratti – the luxurious villa with a pool and private access to the Bay of Sirens - is located on the banks Italy’s largest lake, which is also a tourist destination par excellence in the country: Lake Garda. Its low winter rainfall and very hot summers encourage lush flora to grow and also allow the production of delicious local specialities such as lemons, oranges, internationally renowned wines which are appreciated by residents and tourists alike.

The combination of its unique flavours and its beautiful beaches makes Garda one of the most popular Italian tourist destinations and holidays on Lake Garda a real dream!

Riva del Garda

There are lots of places to visit on Lake Garda. We can start with a town surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, rocky walls and Italy’s largest lakeRiva del Garda is considered by many as "the pearl of Lake Garda": a tourist town rich in cultural and historical tradition and a place of exploration since Roman times. Its sunny beaches, the Mediterranean climate and the landscape - a real source of inspiration for several famous poets - are what make your holidays on Lake Garda unforgettable.

Riva del Garda, you can’t miss the Torre Apponale, the Palazzo Pretorio and the Palazzo del Comune – the most important monuments in the Trentino town. And for sports enthusiasts, holidays on Lake Garda are full of recreational activities: from trekking to cycling and sailing to windsurfing.

Sirmione Castle on Lake Garda

Another place to visit on the shores of Lake Garda is the famous Scaligero di Sirmione Castle, which takes its name from the noble Scala family and is one of the best preserved Italian defensive castles. Completely open to visitors and formed of two crenellated towers that dominate the dock and the lake, the fortification was used in the past as a strategic base by the Scala family. The dock, in particular, is a rare example of a 14th century port building and it has a medieval lapidary inside which still works today.

Vittoriale degli Italiani on Lake Garda

Between going for a dip in the lake and having a relaxing sauna, guests of Villa Caratti can explore the captivating places on the shores of Lake Garda. One of these is the Vittoriale degli Italiani: the place where the famous author and playwright Gabriele d'Annunzio is buried. From 1920 to 1940 he was actively involved in the construction of the citadel, in collaboration with the architect Maroni. The Vittoriale degli Italiani includes the Prioria, a large museum house with themed rooms and ornaments, a large park, an auditorium that can accommodate up to two hundred people and an amphitheatre.

In the Prioria’s amphitheatre you can find the D'Annunzio Segreto Museum, which contains the playwright’s everyday mementos and - among these - the most visited are the Mausoleum at the top of the hill and the Nave Puglia, a boat in the park, donated by the Royal Navy to Gabriele D'Annunzio in 1923.


Are you on holiday in our luxury villa with your children? Then you can't miss Italy's largest amusement park: Gardaland. With 35 themed attractions for everyone - from Fantasy for the little ones to Adrenaline for the older ones - Gardaland amusement park is located just a few kilometres from the lake at Castelnuovo del Garda in the province of Verona.

There are also lots of shows organised for visitors: from the Island of the Corsairs to the Prezzemolo Dance Party, via a striking show with soap bubbles, Gardaland is the ideal place to spend a day of fun with family or friends. Moreover, from 2020 there’s something new: the Legoland Water Park, the first water park built by Lego in Europe, which will have as its theme the famous bricks of the Danish brand.

Staying in the luxury villa

As you have gathered, all the places to visit on Lake Garda are different and special and Villa Caratti is the villa with a pool on Punta San Vigilio, the charming peninsula of the town of Garda.

In addition to luxury rooms, private access to the Bay of Sirens and its pleasant comforts, the modern villa is in a strategic location, which allows its guests to explore the beauty of Lake Garda. Fill in the booking form now and book your break in the luxury villa of Punta San Vigilio.