The luxury villa with a pool

Villa Caratti, the villa on Lake Garda

Summer has arrived and what could be better than a relaxing break – far away from the chaos of the city - in an exclusive luxury villa with a pool located on the shores of one of the most fascinating international lakes?
Villa Caratti is the luxury residence on Punta San Vigilio - a beautiful peninsula in the district of Garda - ready to treat you with moments of pleasant relaxation using all the comforts at its disposal.

For example, the outdoor area of the villa on Lake Garda is characterised by the presence of a large park that, thanks to lush flora that combines centuries-old plants with new plant species, allows guests to take long walks in close contact with mother nature while being captivated by her colours and scents.

Infinity pool

The luxury villa with a pool has been recently renovated and modernised to give its guests the chance to enjoy an unforgettable experience.
The work has led to the installation of a large infinity pool with a view over Lake Garda.
Characterised by a sober and elegant appearance, Villa Caratti’s infinity pool has a large tiled area, garden furniture, a barbecue and tables to share the enjoyment and relaxation offered by the luxury villa with a pool.

Guests who want to dive into the wonderful experience of the luxury pool will also be enchanted by the breathtaking views of Lake Garda, one of the most visited places in Italy.

The Ground Floor

And after a dip in the pool, the ground floor with its modern rooms is there, ready to welcome you, starting with Villa Caratti’s large living room. Classic and elegant, this comfortable space is furnished with sofas, armchairs and chaises longues that enrich the living area of the luxury residence.

The ground floor also consists of a dining room, designed to accommodate up to sixteen people.
The pastel shades that decorate this large space give the environment a touch of freshness and liveliness.
And, finally, for culture lovers, the luxury villa has provided an elegant library, where you can choose the book (or books) that will accompany guests during their dream break on Lake Garda.

Spa Area

However, the luxury rooms of the villa with a pool do not end here.
Inside Villa Caratti - the villa on Lake Garda equipped with every comfort - is the spa area, where you can cleanse your body and relax your muscles.
In fact, the spa area is equipped with a Turkish bath which offers therapeutic benefits thanks to the action of hot steam that dilates the pores and induces sweating.

Guests of the luxury villa with a pool also have at their disposal a comfortable sauna - in the company of sweet music reproduced by an exclusive sound system - where they can experience all its pleasant effects, including lactic acid removal, skin cleansing and stress reduction.
Inside the relaxation area you can also enjoy two other prized treatments: aromatherapy and chromotherapy.
After all, holidays are for relaxation, aren’t they?

The villa with a pool on Lake Garda awaits you

Do you want to enjoy a dream break immersed in relaxation, nature and luxury?
Villa Caratti, the villa with a pool on Lake Garda awaits you!
By filling in the booking form, you can enjoy the magical experience of the luxury villa and relax with Villa Caratti’s many comforts!