An unforgettable break at Villa Caratti

After months of hard work, the time had finally come to enjoy the well-deserved summer break. My wife and I decided to stay in Italy, but without giving up luxury. Villa Caratti, overlooking Lake Garda, seemed the best solution to us for a holiday relaxing spa holiday experience. Even our children, after a brilliant school year, enjoyed the holiday with us. The luxury villa Caratti, in fact, offers solutions and spaces for all ages.

Booking was easy: thanks to a simple form that was quick to fill in, we were able to book our stay in the villa, requesting the extra services that we wanted to enjoy. Once we arrived at Villa Caratti we no longer had to worry about anything; our booked services were efficient and made our stay truly unforgettable. We enjoyed the peace and quiet of Lake Garda, its natural beauty and the wealth of food and wine in the area, surrounded by luxury.

A morning on Lake Garda: boat rental and fishing

During my holiday at Villa Caratti, I gave myself one extra treat: I rented a boat with a skipper. The large outdoor space of this luxury villa also includes a pier on the Bay of the Sirens, which you have direct access to. It’s a unique comfort! And so we had the chance to take some tours on the waters of Lake Garda to appreciate its beauty. We also took advantage of the boat trips to get to other areas of the lake, to visit villages and to go shopping.
I also used the boat alone. One morning, while my wife and children were doing something else, I took some time for myself for a personal hobby: fishing. After carefully finding out about the local regulations for amateur fishing, I loaded my equipment and set sail. Fishing always gives me a sense of peace and quiet, but experiencing this moment in the beautiful natural setting of Lake Garda was a unique experience. I have to say, without boasting, that the morning was good and I caught some fish for dinner!

A glass of wine in Villa Caratti’s luxury

One of my favourite pastimes, especially after dinner, is to enjoy a good glass of wine. On winter evenings I like to sit in an armchair, in front of a burning fireplace, and read a good book while sipping wine or rum. In the basement of Villa Caratti there is a well-stocked wine cellar, completely available to guests. Paying the extra cost for a bottle, you can try excellent wines, tasting them in the surroundings of a luxury villa and the magnificent Lake Garda.
Certainly it was too warm to light the villa’s stone fireplace, but there was no lack of books. In fact, Villa Caratti’s beautiful library offers lots of books which you can enjoy according to your taste. The living room or the outdoor terrace are ideal places to enjoy the evening. Furnished with care and refinement, they offer unparalleled comfort as well as an outdoor view that, in the dark of the night, leaves you speechless.

The luxury villa’s billiard room

Thanks to the iPad and the Wi-Fi network provided by Villa Caratti, we always had the chance to find out about events in the area, as well as the places where you can dine while tasting Lake Garda’s typical food and wine. One evening, after returning from dinner at a restaurant on the lakeshore, my son challenged me to a game of billiards. The basement also contains a billiard room, another luxury offered by the villa.
My son and I often play and the challenges are always exciting. The rooms of this beautiful luxury villa are ideal for feeling at home and going about your daily business without any disturbance and in the relaxation of the holidays. We spent a great evening, treating ourselves to a digestif in the company of our favourite music, thanks to the wired sound system. We played more games while my wife and daughter were relaxing in the living room on the ground floor.

A personal chef for an exclusive family dinner

For the last evening of our stay in the luxury Villa Caratti, I wanted to surprise the whole family. I decided to call a personal chef, using this service which is available to the villa’s guests. The chef arrived at the villa and set to work just for us. What an exclusive dinner! The menu was made of traditional local dishes, which we wanted to pay our respects to before leaving this wonderful location.
We dined on the large terrace overlooking Lake Garda. The dishes cooked for us were excellent and accompanied by good wine. Enjoying them outdoors, in the cool lake air, gave the evening that touch of charm that made it unforgettable. My wife and children were thrilled. After dinner, once we had thanked the chef profusely for the excellent dinner, we relaxed on the sofas that furnish the terrace.

The terrace on the Bay of Sirens on Lake Garda

The last night of the holiday always brings a little sadness with it. Our experience at Villa Caratti was unique. As I was heading to my bedroom, I went up to the terrace. The view from there was breathtaking. Lake Garda’s shoreline, with the lights of the villages overlooking it, are fascinating. The Bay of Sirens, a strip of beach where this beautiful luxury villa is located, is a natural treasure chest of beauty.
We enjoyed Villa Caratti’s services, feeling pampered as if we were at home. With the elegantly furnished rooms, large spaces for relaxation, activities for all tastes, hi-tech solutions and services available for every need, it was a unique holiday experience that we will definitely come back to repeat!