Villa Caratti: fun and luxury

This year school was more boring than usual and I was looking forward to the summer holidays so I could relax. I was hoping my parents would go on holiday alone, like every year, but my Mum made us all to go together. She and Dad booked Villa Caratti for us, a luxury villa on the shores of Lake Garda. Obviously, I was very doubtful as I didn’t want to give up all my home comforts. However, our stay in the villa made me think again. We had a totally relaxing holiday in complete comfort.

There’s lots to do in the area surrounding the lake, which I was able to take advantage of, after always asking my parents’ permission and accompanied by a driver. A good dose of fun is my reward for a year of hard work. Next year I’ll turn eighteen and I think I’ll book Villa Caratti for a holiday with my group of close friends. It will definitely be an unforgettable birthday!

A day at the beach on the Bay of Sirens

As soon as I arrived at the villa, I left my luggage in my room and had a look around. I was immediately satisfied with Villa Caratti’s rooms: they were comfortable and spacious and there was a nice fully equipped kitchen and a basement for entertainment. I immediately realised that I would certainly use it.
The exterior of the luxury villa won me over once and for all. A large garden surrounds it on all sides and a beautiful infinity pool and barbecue area enhance the area. The garden then faces directly onto Lake Garda, offering a breathtaking view. You have direct access to a small pier from Villa Caratti, where my father had a small rented boat docked, and part of the beach on the Bay of Sirens. I immediately put on my swimming trunks and lay down on the beach, in total peace and quiet. With a cool drink and a swim in the lake, I waited there for the sunset of the first day’s holiday. I went back to the villa for dinner admiring the coloured reflections on the water’s surface.

A luxury villa without giving up the gym

During the holidays, I didn't want to give up my exercise programme. In fact, every day I spend a couple of hours working out. My biggest concern was this: not having a place to continue training. However, I found a fully equipped gym in Villa Caratti’s basement, so I could continue my exercise programme. Every morning, while my mother was doing yoga outside, I took refuge in the gym where I trained in peace. I listened to music, thanks to the audio system, which I could control from the iPad provided with the villa. After my training sessions I could relax in the sauna or the Turkish bath. As well as the gym, I also went swimming in the outdoor pool. Doing some swimming with a view of Lake Garda is a very pleasant feeling. I was really happy that I didn’t interrupt my training and, once back home, I realised that I had kept in shape.

Villa Caratti’s cinema room

Villa Caratti’s basement is full of surprises. In this luxury villa it’s totally impossible to get bored. There are several rooms for entertainment, among which is a real cinema room: it has comfortable armchairs and a giant screen. Almost every evening, after dinner or coming back from an evening out in the local area, we would meet up to watch a good movie together. We chose the films in turn, so everyone got the chance to watch something they wanted to, from to a well-stocked Blu-ray video library. Obviously, we had snacks and drinks to eat during the screening. We didn't always use this room. One evening, for example, my father and I had a match in the billiard room and enjoyed a good digestif. The living room also offered comfort and relaxation; you could lie on the comfortable sofas reading a book from the villa’s library.

The luxury villa’s outdoor area with a barbecue

Villa Caratti’s outdoor area offers a wonderful view of Lake Garda. It includes an infinity pool, a large garden, access to the pier and beach and a barbecue area with a table for sixteen people. My father is passionate about fishing, so what better opportunity to cook good fish? One morning he went out by boat and when he came back he showed us his catch; we lit the barbecue and that evening we ate fish from the lake. Dad and I took care of the cooking; we both enjoy barbecuing and it's always a good time to have a chat. To accompany the dinner we took a good wine from the cellar which is available to guests in this luxury villa. We dined in front of the lake, enjoying the lights that surround Lake Garda’s mirrored waters every evening. It was a carefree evening, as befits a real holiday.

Privacy and luxury in the attic room

The local area around Lake Garda is full of bars to spend the evenings. I often went out, accompanied by a driver, to go and have fun in some of these places. Having the driver at my disposal gave me more independence, without having to bother my parents every time I wanted to go out. Even when I returned, I didn't annoy anyone; in fact, my room, like my sister's, was on the second floor. This attic floor has five rooms, called the Sky Suites, each with a private bathroom. That way I could get to my room and get ready to go to bed without worrying about waking anyone up. My suite gave me all the privacy I needed to spend a relaxed holiday. Every evening, before going to bed, I would go out to the terrace to take a look at the majestic Lake Garda that stretched out in front of Villa Caratti.