A family holiday on Lake Garda

This year, my holidays were amazing. The school year was difficult, but that's why it was a real achievement to get to the end. Like every year, I was waiting for my parents to go on their holidays, leaving me and my brother at home alone.

Instead, one day my mum went into my room and triumphantly told me that we would all go on holiday together. Our destination was Villa Caratti, a historic luxury villa on Lake Garda. My initial suspicion immediately gave way to enthusiasm; I visited the villa’s website and discovered all the services we could enjoy. There was lots of space to satisfy everyone's taste; each of us could relax in complete privacy, doing what we like best. Unlike my brother, who didn't want to come with us at all, I had already planned my holiday before I left.

The living area of the luxury villa: the living room and library

My favourite place inside Villa Caratti was the living room; a room created specifically for relaxation. The furnishings create a comfortable area where you can rest, especially in the evening after dinner. On the ground floor - in fact - is the living area of the luxury villa. The entrance leads to the fully equipped kitchen with a view of Lake Garda, the dining room, which can seat up to sixteen people and the living room. This room is completed by a beautiful grand piano and a fireplace, which is perfect in the cold months. Villa Caratti’s principal floor also includes a library for guests to use which contains lots of books. In my free time, between one activity and the next, I would choose a book from the library and sit on a sofa to read in peace. One evening, while my father and brother were having fun playing billiards in the basement, my mother and I enjoyed the silence of the living room, with a magnificent view of the lake.

The wellness area in Villa Caratti’s basement

Thanks to the many services provided by this luxury villa, each of us could devote ourselves to his or her favourite activities. My father rented a boat and went out fishing, my brother used the fully equipped gym for his exercises while my mother started every day with a yoga class on the shores of Lake Garda. Sometimes I took part in the lessons with her, but my relaxation was the wellness area in the basement.
It has an indoor heated swimming pool with hydromassage, a sauna and a Turkish bath: everything you need to relax and enjoy the peace and a bit of time alone. Sometimes I liked the silence and stopped to admire Lake Garda, which Villa Caratti overlooks; other times I used the wired audio system to listen to favourite music.

The infinity pool with a view of Lake Garda

Villa Caratti also has a large outdoor space. A beautiful park surrounds the entire villa, ensuring seclusion and privacy for guests. From the park itself you can access a small jetty, where you can moor a boat for hire, and the beach on the Bay of Sirens, a real jewel in the crown Lake Garda. The peace and quiet of the lake is ideal for summer relaxation. The outdoor area of the luxury villa also includes an infinity pool, which overlooks the lake and can also be heated and the barbecue area with a table for sixteen people. I spent many afternoons on the beach and in the pool, sunbathing and taking care of my suntan, alternating between tanning and cooling off from the heat, which I’ve always liked to do. I was able to do it in complete privacy at Villa Caratti, surrounded by all the comforts, exactly as if I were at home.

The luxury villa’s cinema room

Family evenings aren’t exactly my favourite activity; I usually prefer to be alone in my room or go out with my friends. However, among the services of Villa Caratti, we found the right activity to do all together. In the basement of this luxury villa - in fact - there is also a cinema room. There is a large Blu-ray video library, which can be watched on a giant screen while seated in comfortable armchairs. We spent a lot of evenings in this room, choosing in turn the films we liked best. It was the right opportunity to get back to doing something all together after a long time. Almost every evening, after dinner or returning from an evening out in the area around Lake Garda, we went down to the basement to watch a movie, some people sipping a glass of wine, some a digestif and others with some snacks from the kitchen.
Going back to the bedroom, I always looked out to the terrace to enjoy the beautiful view from the villa on the lake, illuminated, in the evening, by the lights of the villages on the lake’s shoreline.

Complete rest in Villa Caratti’s luxury rooms

I have to admit, I love sleeping, especially when I'm on holiday. In this respect, I had a great time at Villa Caratti. The sleeping area occupies the first floor and the attic floor of this luxury villa, offering a full view of Lake Garda. The villa’s guests can sleep in luxurious rooms, equipped with every comfort and furnished with care, with walk-in closets and private bathrooms. The Lake Suites are on the first floor: four rooms that can accommodate up to eight people. My brother and I slept in the Sky Suites on the attic floor: five more rooms for a total of eight more people. It was the best solution for us to have our own private space. He wouldn't wake me up when he returned from his evenings out and I could sleep until late in the morning without fear of being disturbed by anything. I’ll miss seeing Lake Garda from my bedroom every morning.