Villa Caratti and its history

The aristocratic origins of the luxury property

Villa Caratti is the beautiful luxury property, offering with all the comforts designed to meet the need for its guests’ well-being.

Spread over four levels (ground floor, first floor, second floor and basement), the modern villa has been built to give you an unforgettable break in one of the most loved locations in Italy: Lake Garda.

The beautiful Villa Caratti has ancient aristocratic origins, which make this luxury property a distinctive mix of art and tradition.

This wonderful villa was, in fact, built at the end of the 19th century by a family of nobles: the Scottish Barons Mildmay.

Entranced by the magical atmosphere and the immense beauty of the landscape around the shores of Lake Garda, the aristocratic family designed the construction of the luxury villa in a perfect Art Nouveau style.

In the arcade located in front of Villa Caratti’s main terrace, you can admire the "signature" of the Mildmay family: the enchanting mosaic that represents the Barons’ noble coat of arms.

The Art Nouveau style

Known in Italy as the “Floral style”, the origins of the artistic and cultural movement called "Art Nouveau" date back to the final years of the 19th century. It is characterised by a highly decorative elegance and for its balanced interwoven curving graceful lines.

One of the most famous artists of the Art Nouveau style is the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudì – considered the greatest exponent of "Catalan modernism" - who created one of the most famous works in the world: Park Guell in Barcelona.

There is also the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt and the Italian architect Pietro Fenoglio, who played a crucial role in the construction of several buildings in the beautiful city of Turin.

And so, in keeping with the characteristics of the Art Nouveau style, Villa Caratti is located north of one of Lake Garda’s most enchanting places: the Bay of Sirens.

These wonderful landscapes have been the destination not only of numerous noble families – such as the Marie-Louise, the Duchess of Parma and Prince Charles of England – but also of famous show business personalities, such as the Oscar-winning Laurence Olivier accompanied by his wife and theatre actress Vivien Leigh.

Renovation work on the modern luxury villa

In the Fifties, Sir Mario Caratti, the great-uncle of the current owner Daniel Giacometti, bought this luxury property from the Scottish Mildmay family and rightly named it “Villa Caratti.”

During the early Nineties, Giorgio Giacometti, the grandson of Sir Caratti, began the first renovation and made it possible to add a mansard floor and create the elevator shaft.

In 2011, on the suggestion of the owner Daniel Giacometti, new renovation works were started, designed by the architect Luigi Bruno from Verona.

These renovations have been beautifully transformed into a perfect marriage of the villa’s historical and classic elements with modern and functional ones. This has allowed Villa Caratti to be converted into one of the most complete properties in the world, offering every comfort, such as the relaxation area which includes a sauna, an indoor pool and an invisible underfloor heating and cooling system to deliver high standards of comfort.

The dominant colours in the luxury interiors of the modern villa are pastel, evoking the radiant tones of Lake Garda’s waters and – moreover – the marvellous combination of antique and modern furniture gives Villa Caratti an elegant and refined atmosphere.  The renovation work was finally completed in June

The renovation work was finally completed in June 2016 with the redesign of the Park surrounding Villa Caratti. Alongside the centuries-old plants, new ones were added, with the aim of enriching the luxury property’s flora.

During a stroll, surrounded by nature, you can appreciate the peace and harmony offered by the beautiful park that surrounds the dream villa.

The modernisation project of this luxury property was completed by the creation of an exclusive outdoor infinity pool: with its elegant aesthetics, the "endless pool" uniquely integrates with the surrounding environment and – in addition – guests who bathe in its waters can admire the incredible view bestowed by one of the most culturally rich Italian locations: Lake Garda.

Villa Caratti’s style awaits you

Villa Caratti represents the ideal marriage between the ancient and the modern: its elegant and refined pairings cross the ages and meet the tastes of the most demanding guests.

Its style and clean lines highlight its large rooms and its beautiful decorative elements, enveloping its guests in an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

Treat yourself to these pleasing feelings and come and enjoy an exclusive break in this dream villa: Villa Caratti is waiting for you!